About My Future 4.0

My Future 4.0 is a large scale 4-day Exhibition taking place in March 2019 at the Ticketpro Dome, Northriding Johannesburg. The exhibition focuses on “Next Level Digital Skills and Careers” and aims to attract 25,000+ attendees.

These attendees should include school learners (Grades 6 – 12), students, post-graduates as well as those who are already employable and seeking further information. Exhibition content will focus on the necessary skills and workplace opportunities that exist within the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Topic: “The Future of Jobs – Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” raised and discussed at length during the World Economic Forum 2015, and its executive summary (published in January 2016) highlights how the imminent and fast-approaching disruptive changes to business models will have a profound impact on the employment landscape over the coming years.

One popular estimate asserts that 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately be working in completely new job types that don’t exist yet. In such a rapidly evolving employment landscape, the ability to anticipate and prepare for future skills requirements, job content and the aggregate effect on employment is increasingly critical in order to fully seize the opportunities presented by these trends. On average, by the year 2020, more than a third of the desired core skills sets of most occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet crucial to the job today.

My Future 4.0 will simulate the landscape in which our children of today will find themselves in tomorrow – where thought-leading technology companies, digital skills development and learning institutions, government and information technology experts will come together and not only showcase the jobs of the future, but also open and augment the minds of our youth in order for them, together with their parents and teachers, to make educated and informed decisions on subject choices, seeking higher education opportunities and ultimately being highly sought-after employees. We are extremely excited to host this inaugural world-class technology event, one we believe is a first of its kind globally, and invite you to participate in whichever mode or manner would suit your organisation best, be it by sponsoring, exhibiting, presenting or visiting.

Don’t miss My Future 4.0 – together let’s inform, enlighten, empower and inspire our youth!