Who should attend?

My Future 4.0 is a large-scale Exhibition that focuses on the theme “Next-Level Digital Skills and Careers”. With this focus in mind, the following groups of individuals would benefit the most from attending:

School learners (grades 6 – 12)

School learners from grade 6 through to matric are the ideal audience for this exciting exhibition, because they are inherently a group who:

  • are making important subject choices
  • are thinking, be it ‘somewhat’ or ‘very seriously’ about their careers and the shape they will take
  • are in the early stages of understanding their skills sets and starting to develop career goals
  • are most likely wondering how they will accomplish any career goals they’ve already set for themselves
  • are always ready to be inspired
  • are inspired by the digital technology that surrounds them and want to know more about its role in the world we live and work in
  • may be feeling unsure about their perceived skills sets or existing goals, as well as whether or not these will stand them in good stead when they enter into the workplace

School teachers and parents

My Future 4.0 is an excellent source of information for school teachers who match any of these criteria:

  • are looking to guide their students (current and future) in making informed decisions about subject choices and skills development
  • are inspired to provide meaningful career guidance in light of the digital revolution and its disruptive effects on the career landscape
  • want to teach their students about the fourth industrial revolution in a practical, understandable context that leverages real examples and local figureheads
  • want to highlight opportunities that exist in the workplace for engaged learners in need of guidance, information and inspiration

Students & Post-graduates

Students currently completing their studies and those who have recently graduated will benefit from attending My Future 4.0, if they identify with any of the following criteria:

  • are looking to identify workforce opportunities that exist for them in light of the digital revolution and ever-changing career landscape
  • are looking to identify gaps that exist between their existing skills sets and the skills sets that are required for their desired job types
  • are curious about how to align their chosen specialities with the changing demands of the global workforce, that are brought about by the digital revolution
  • have ever asked themselves the question: “What roles will I be eligible to fill using the skills set that I have developed?”
  • want to feel inspired about entering the workforce and understand how the career goals they’ve set themselves can begin to be realised
  • are not sure what to “study next” or if they should continue studying

Those who are already employable

My Future 4.0 offers something for everyone, and those who are already employable are no exception. Attend this first-of-its-kind Exhibition if any of these statements resonate with you:

  • I want to understand whether my existing skills set will be of any value when the demands of the global career landscape are evolving, rapidly
  • I am re-assessing the career goals I have in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and my exposure to digital careers and opportunities
  • I am considering a career change in light of exciting new opportunities that are becoming available
  • I am interested in up-skilling myself to adapt to evolving job requirements and industry trends, brought about by the digital revolution
  • I am aware of the sharp increase in demand for digital skills and would like to learn more
  • I want to understand what skills I will need to develop in order to overcome obstacles that didn’t exist before, when I set out on the career path I am on