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My Future 4.0 Next Level Digital Skills and Careers Summit was first hosted in 2019 and was a huge success! Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, the summits that were to be hosted in JHB and CPT in 2020, had to be cancelled.  We hope to host this world class event soon!


We will keep you posted!


The summit will enlighten, motivate and excite our visitors about the future of skills and careers in the digital revolution; showcasing the innovations that will change the world of work.  The event aims to attract 30,000 learners, heads of school, parents, post-graduates, as well as young professionals seeking information on the skills required, and opportunities existing, within the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Visitors attending My Future 4.0 will see the evolution of technology in our "Theatre of the Tomorrow" showcase, as well as a visit to the "Techxpo" to network with organisations showcasing the workplace of the future. These innovative exhibitors will offer guidance on how, and where, to start planning for the jobs our youth and young professionals will encounter in the future, and enlighten them to the skills they require.

The Topic: “The Future of Jobs – Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” was brought to the fore and discussed at large during the World Economic Forum 2015. The executive summary, published in January 2016, highlights how the imminent and fast approaching disruptive changes to business models will have a profound impact on the employment landscape in the coming years.


By one popular estimate, 65% of our children entering primary school today will ultimately work in completely new job types that don’t yet exist.  In such a rapidly evolving employment landscape, the ability to anticipate and prepare for future skills requirements, job content, and the aggregate effect on employment, is urgently and increasingly critical in order to fully seize the opportunities presented by these trends. On average, by 2020, more than a third of the required core skills sets for these occupations will be comprised of skills that are not yet crucial to jobs today.


My Future 4.0 will simulate the landscape in which the youth and young professionals of today will find themselves tomorrow. Thought-leading technology companies, digital skills development and learning institutions, government, and information technology experts, will come together, and not only showcase the jobs of the future but also open and augment the minds of our future workforce. Thus assisting them to make educated and informed decisions on subject choices, higher education opportunities; and options available to young professionals for career opportunities and advancements to young professionals; to ultimately become highly sought-after employees.



"Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend this information session. We took along 10 of our top students across the grades and every one of them came away excited.

The presenters at the teachers workshops were excellent too! A lot to think about."

Cheryl Buck - Bracken High School


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