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4IR Investments in South African Companies

by Joe Meiring | General Manager |

This past week saw the wrap up of the second South African Investment Conference in Sandton on 7 November 2019, with a whopping R 363 billion in investments pledged for economic growth in the country over the next few years. This was 17% higher than last year’s investment pledge, which puts Cyril Ramaphosa’s plan of R 1,2 trillion investment over 5 years firmly on track.

Foreign investment looks hopeful with French companies committing to R 20 billion, and International Brewing company, Heineken adding another R 1.48 billion, which will include the construction of a solar plant and a water reclamation plant.

Most interesting, is the investment commitment from Exxaro, resulting in R 20 billion, especially since the CEO, Mxolisi Donald Mbuyisa Mgojo, was part of the 4IR panel discussion at the South African Investment Conference. Exxaro has recently invested R 40 million into a Youth Exponential Development Program called YDX with SADICO, focusing on digital technology training for 400 youth in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. Clearly Exxaro is seeing 4IR training and upskilling as an imperative in their own company’s future with their own recent digitalisation journey.

MTN came up with R 50 billion pledge over a 5-year period to help cope with an ‘avalanche of data traffic’ as Rob Shuter, MTN CEO put it. Their investment is squarely aimed at South Africa’s 4IR requirements over the next few years and will be used for “digital infrastructure, networks, connectivity and the high-speed highways that South Africans are going to need to move even further into the digital age”, according to Shuter.

A prominent trend is being followed with the influx of investment; upgrade, upscale and upskill. This is something we are passionate about at My Future 4.0; keeping up to date with technology advances in every field, by showing the youth what future trends are happening within each industry, and focusing on how and where they can upskill themselves, not just to remain relevant in an ever changing work landscape, but to become future ground breakers and leaders in our country.

We call on all companies to assist in strengthening SA’s economy. You may not be able to pledge

R 1 billion towards economic growth, but you can make a pledge to being involved in the process of enlightening the youth. Show how your industry is changing with new technology, excite them with future possibilities, and allow them to choose the correct path to follow in becoming skilful contributors to society. Your involvement, however small, will bring forth tremendous results in building a strong and sustainable economy together.

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