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Companies getting involved in preparing for 4IR in South Africa

by Joe Meiring | General Manager |

“Unless we adapt, unless we understand the nature of the profound change that is reshaping our world, and unless we readily embrace the opportunities it presents, the promise of our nation’s birth will forever remain unfulfilled,” - Cyril Ramaphosa

The fourth industrial revolution is on our doorstep happening now. Every human that is not asking how this affects them and the next generation should. The fact is that many of us don’t know what it is or what impact it will have on us.

Considering the current South African economic situation and unemployment, many people and Industries are trying to stay afloat and hang onto existing jobs. However, it will be the inability to see past our existing situation that could be our failure in the future. In considering what the future will hold, certain strategies would have to be considered. One of these would be that we as a corporate community will have to start taking responsibility for up skilling and our society with knowledge and experience.

How do we upskill our own workforce to enable them to cope with the upcoming changes?

How do we create resilience and allow people to build EQ to understand that technology will help us as a human race and improve our way of living?

One of the first way’s to do this is to showcase what changes have already been implemented. The more people are able to experience technology and understand what it does, the better the acceptance of new technology would be. Think of when cellular phones first came out, people were reluctant to let go of pagers, but slowly it became a necessity to life. Today almost every individual, no matter what their economic situation is, have a cellular phone.

The MyFuture 4.0 Digital Skills and Summit provides the platform for all companies and industries to do exactly this. From young to old, people will be able to start interacting with new technologies. Understand what companies are doing differently and obviously see the impact this has on the community. The more socialisation of this revolution, the easier it would be for South Africa to embrace it. Companies that has exhibited this year, showed the youth, educators and principles that there are opportunities for all, no matter what their financial or mental capabilities are.

The other great consideration be taken is the fact that skills will have to be adapted and reinvented to ensure we afford the workforce and the future leaders of South Africa opportunities to grow exponentially. What funding will be made available to learn new skills and adapt to our future technological advanced self? Companies have to motivate the youth by showing them they believe in a better future for the younger generation. What is your company doing?

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