My Future 4.0 Next Level Digital Skills and Careers Summit 2019 was a resounding success with over 17 000 teachers, learners and students in attendance.   We are excited to build on our experience and create an even more inspiring event for 2020!

The 2020 My Future 4.0 Summits will introduce visitors to VirtuoCITY, the smart city of tomorrow, and open the minds of our future leaders to the workplace of the future. It’s a city where technology and talent, skill and science, coding and careers, money and manufacturing all have a place on the streets of opportunity.

Featuring everything found in a multifaceted and interconnected city, VirtuoCITY will open the minds of young South Africans to the endless possibilities in the world of tomorrow.

VirtuoCITY will feature many of the career options a smart city will need; from aeronautics, artificial Intelligence, automation and arts and culture, to city planning, communication, and construction. Industry leaders in environmental affairs, finance, information technology, investing, research, and science and technology, will showcase the skills needed to be a part of the cities of the future, as well as the companies currently embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The My Future 4.0 Summit also offers a uniquely interactive opportunity to potential exhibitors by allowing visitors to see, touch, and experience the inventions, technologies and innovations needed in a smart city.

The summit will also showcase South Africans who are leading the way with innovative thinking, inventions and solutions for uniquely South African problems.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet Pepper, the summit’s official brand ambassa(bot) and SA’s first humanoid robot, who will be interacting with visitors at the  event and demonstrate how ‘human’ robots can really be by giving hugs, high 5’s or posing for selfies!

Contact us today for more information on visiting the 2020 My Future 4.0 Digital Skills and Careers Summit presenting virtuoCITY!

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My Future 4.0 presents virtuoCITY


1 to 3 October 2020

Venue to be confirmed

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